With only 2 months to go there is quite a bit to do!


Schedule Nail & Spa Appointment

Confirm Details with Wedding Party

Day of Emergency Kit

Send Invites

Put Together the Seating Chart


At this time it would be a good idea to schedule your nail & spa appointments. Especially if you are treating all of your bridesmaids to manicures it can be incredibly difficult to schedule that many people at one time.

Confirm the details with each person in the Wedding Party. Be sure they each know what time and where they need to be.

Pack the Day of Emergency Kit and a bag of each of the items you may need on the day of.

Here is the list of items from The Wedding Shoppe Inc & Lover.ly:

Sewing Kit

Clear Nail Polish/Super Glue

Bottle of Water & Snacks

Bobby Pins/Hair Ties/Comb/Hair Spray

Lipstick and Other Makeup



Band-Aids/First Aid Items

Deodorant/Body Spray

Tooth Picks/Tooth Brush/Mints/Floss



Baby Powder

Blotting Paper


Extra Earring Backs

Eye Drops

Fabric Tape






Stain Remover Pen


White Chalk (In case the stain remover does not work)


At this time you should also be sending out your invitations. Be sure to add a return by date or an RSVP by date. When you are sending out your invitations and have all of the names listed of your guests, this might be a good time to set a rough draft of the seating chart (if you choose to have one). Please do not forget to add your vendors into the seating chart so that we have a place to sit our gear and to sit down during dinner to eat. It is preferable for the vendor seats to be fairly close to the wedding party table and/or the dance floor so we can move quickly to capture some dancing that may have begun when we stopped for a quick drink of water. If our seats are in a corner it makes it difficult for us to navigate through chairs and other guests quickly.



1 month