Holy Crap! We are only 2 weeks from the big day, I do not know about you but I am getting even more excited every single day to capture your special day.


This week we should be doing a lot of packing. Here are the topics we will be going over today:

Emergency Kit Packed


Honeymoon Kit Packed

(Find the HONEYMOON KIT HERE, coming soon)

Finalize Seating Chart

Wedding Day Timeline


By this time you should have most, if not all, of the RSVP responses. Since you had already done a rough draft a month ago it will not be as time consuming to adjust a few of the seats to add all of the plus 1's in. I would also leave a couple extra seats open for guests who did not return the RSVP cards or forgot to add their plus 1.


When nailing down the Wedding Day Timeline it is best to be in contact with each vendor. Specifically the DJ, Caterer, Photographer, and Videographer. It takes the whole team to make sure the day is running as smooth as possible. If you have a timeline that is nailed down already with the Coordinator/DJ/Videographer please email that to infotimelessadv@gmail.com so we can add what we need.

When it comes to formal photos (photos with each family group) I highly recommend setting aside 2 minutes for each group less than 5 additional people (excluding the couple) and 5 minutes for any group more than 5 people. I also recommend to have someone on each side of the family dedicated to rounding up each person you would like for formals, this will make the formals go by faster giving extra time for couples photos and to have an unforgettable reception! 

We should also know what time the caterer will be preparing the food and whether it is a buffet or everyone is being served. This will help us know how much time will be set aside for food during the reception.

If you are doing anything special during the reception or ceremony, such as, what you will be doing for the unity ceremony or giving someone a special gift or doing a fun dance with your future spouse/family member/wedding party. We want to be sure that every special moment is photographed to the best of our ability.

It is also helpful for us if you put all of the main details you would like photographed (i.e. necklace, rings, shoes, any heirlooms, gifts, etc.). This way we have all of the items that mean so much to you all in one place so that none of the details that may seem minor to us but are major to you are missed. If they are in a box at the beginning of the day, we can photograph those right away or get an idea of how we want to incorporate those items into your images.

We have a form to help us with the details of the wedding day and to help with creating a timeline for the day to truly make your day Timeless. Click on WEDDING DAY QUESTIONNAIRE to open the Wedding Day Questionnaire to begin creating your timeline!