t h a n k y o u!

First and foremost, I want to take a moment to pause and thank every single person who has supported my business this year. Three years ago when I ventured out on a risk and followed my dream to do this, I didn’t imagine how much I would be surrounded by beautiful people, inside and out nor could I ever have anticipated for all of the captivating shoots I’ve done would lead to such amazing friendships. So as I shout Happy New Year tonight, I can’t help but to also scream from the rooftops T H A N K  Y O U!


I’ve had so many mind-blowing opportunities this year, I was able to travel for another intimate and personal destination engagement session which warmed my heart, I was able to capture the bliss of a Disney themed wedding and soak in the bliss that is Disney Magic, I was able to work with new colleagues and explore my creativity in some new sessions. 


This year has clearly been my year of transformation, from new equipment and workshops down to learning new styles and techniques, I am so proud of this growth. I worked harder than I've ever worked to learn as much as I can in all aspects of photography. I have pushed every boundary I thought I had and realized that there are no boundaries when it comes to producing interesting images and amazing client experiences.I can’t wait for what’s to come for my 2020 clients. I’m so proud of where things are going, and I look forward to seeing all the progress along the way.

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