Shuttle, shoes, & Save-the-dates

4 Months out! This month might be most women's favorite month because this month we will focus on shoes!

Also covered this month; Save the Dates & Shuttle.


This month you should be sending out the Save the Dates to all of your guests. If I have not already made a site for you to gather all of the addresses of all of your guests yet, let me know and I will get one made for you as fast as possible!

At this time you and your fiance should be considering the type of shuttle you want from the place you will be getting ready to the ceremony, the ceremony to the reception, and the reception to the place you will be spending your first night officially as husband and wife.


Now for the fun part,


The first thing you have to do when choosing your shoes is to set your budget. We all know how hard it is to stay within budget when choosing clothing, especially when wedding planning.

You should take into consideration the venue when choosing the style of shoes you want to wear. If it is an outdoor venue, stilettos might not be the best option especially if you are getting married in the spring and there is a strong chance the ground may be a little wet. If your wedding location may not work with the shoes of your dreams be sure to have a backup plan. Always hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

You will be in these shoes for several hours, so be sure to choose comfort. Be sure you can tolerate walking easily in the shoes you choose. Buying the shoes 4 months in advance gives you the chance to break in the shoes before the big day. Breaking them in will give you a little extra confidence to walk comfortably down the aisle. 

Choose a pair that matches your dress but something you may want to wear again after the wedding date.


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