This month is super laid back! So take a break and enjoy being engaged! This month all I want you to do is to look for the way you want to decorate you wedding, in particular, your centerpieces. 

There are so many different options when it comes to centerpieces. This is where you can be insanely creative! I have so many different weddings with insanely different centerpieces! One wedding even had a different Disney Movie theme at EVERY table!

One of the many different centerpieces from Rachel & Tyler's Disney Themed Wedding

When choosing your centerpiece it is good to know the shape of the tables that will be at your wedding. Ask your florist for help with ideas to match your bouquet if you want flowers. Go for larger blooms when using flowers. When the bloom is larger it ultimately saves you money because they require more space. Try to keep your guests in mind also. Try not to choose flowers with a strong smell. Some of your guests might be sensitive to smells and would be more inclined to leave early. Be sure not make the arrangements so tall that it becomes an inconvenience to the guests. 

Another thing to do this month, which may seem like a chore in itself, is to get a rough guest list together. First step is to check the occupancy limit of your venue. Subtract the number of vendors that will be at your wedding (2 photographers, # of DJs, Wedding planner). You cannot go over this number when choosing everyone you want to invite. Next step is to list everyone you want to invite first. If you have any additional room left list all the of people you feel the need to invite. When counting each person do not forget to include their children (if you allow children at your wedding), don't forget to specify whether a guest can bring their date or not and include that date in the total count. 


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