Holy Crap! There are only 8 months left before the big day! That is less the 250 days. 250 days might seem like forever but I promise when it comes to wedding planning those days will FLY by. Every month I will be sending an email of different tips to assist you along the path to planning your most perfect wedding! I took this timeline from The Knot and added some additional tips and some pretty awesome vendors I have met along the way. 

At 8 months out we should be :

Scheduling the engagement session

Looking at save-the-dates and invitations


We should begin planning the engagement session at this time if we have not started yet. We want to personalize your engagement session to match your unique personality/style. You should be thinking about the setting of the session. Like, do you want a more outdoor adventure session, one in a wooded area, one in a city, one in an industrial area, or one that is at a location that is completely personal to you. The location of the session will help set the mood of the session. You should also consider what you want to wear. Do you want to dress like you normally would and be yourselves for the session or do you want to dress up and be something entirely different just because you think it would be fun? All of the above options are absolutely wonderful ideas and I would love to help plan this session with you. I do have an Engagement Session Questionnaire to fill out and we can begin nailing down the details and get an idea of what you want in your engagement session!

You should also be looking at save-the-dates and invitations! Sometimes you can get save-the-dates and invitations in a bundled deal which is why I added them both here. Around the 6 month mark is when you would want to send out the save-the-dates and if you want to use one of the photos from the Engagement session then I would need to know the orientation (landscape/portrait) of the save-the-date to be sure you have the photo you want in the correct orientation. This will definitely save us both the headache in a couple months ;) 

Finally, what you all have been waiting for, SHOPPING! At this time you should be looking for the style of wedding dress you would like. A-Line, Ballgown, Mermaid, just to name a few. Sometimes when you order through bridal shops it can take up to 4 months for your dress to be delivered. When you find your wedding dress early on in the wedding planning you can be assured you will have your dress in time for the alterations you may need. It is recommended that alterations be 2-3 months prior to the wedding day. 

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