Breanna & Joshua Sparks

As it would turn out, this love story begins at preschool. Not quite in the way you’re thinking, but as Bree and Josh dropped off their little ones with teary eyed goodbyes for the first days of school, it would turn out that the kids wouldn’t be the only ones making friends those early mornings of learning. 

 Josh showed up to their first play “date” at a local rec-center with high hopes, and Bree couldn’t help but be swept away seeing him for the man he was, and he fell hard for the selfless woman and mother she is, soon their love blossomed like the single pink- rose he brought along to their first date.

He proposed to her on a dreamy candle lit pathway on Florida, setting the bar high for gentlemen around the country! He kept up that energy and made sure their wedding day was amazing. Their day was perfect! Bree planned a day that was just as beautiful as she was, and the couple got it to go on without a hitch. 

Stunning details from the arch, and a gorgeous cake, flowers to die for and sweet details like a locket for the Bride’s late father attached to her Bouquet and being given away by her grandfather were touching for the guests. 

I was so grateful to be able to be part of this couple’s big day to be able to capture pieces of their love story. It’s such an amazing privilege to be able to be invited in to such intimate moments of people’s lives and to be able to watch them solidify their love eternally is such an honor. Thank you, Bree & Josh for letting me watch you Join your perfect little families together into one.