Adam and Alexandra were a match made in heaven on day one. Ten years ago, at the city’s

soccer field on the very first day they met, with a serious look and clear intention Adam said to

her “I’m going to marry you”. It took him about 7 years to make her fall head over heals in love with him even though she knew all along there was a connection.

It’s a perfect example of opposites attract even when you have so much in common.

He proposed with perfect timing, among family, in the living room at his parents’ house.

Their wedding was one of my favorites, being there with them in the moment it was clear to see

they brought the best out of each other. His confidence and her smile combined to be a perfect

blend of wedding day bliss. Everyone present shared in the moment of their unity with such love

in their eyes. A magnificent sense of connection showed that they are people who really put the

ones they love first and are supported by the people they have chosen to surround themselves


I loved the fun moments this couple made with their families, Ali did shots with Adam’s

dad for a touching first look, they had roses for their Godmothers, and Ali even wore a

bracelet from Adam’s Late Grandma. They included everyone, because they know that it takes

a village and theirs had a huge presence.

Despite being together for such a long time they both acted madly in love and enthralled by

each other, neither one was nervous and the day was built on a solid foundation of love. They

had a chemistry that was palpable and it was incredible to witness. I’m always honored to be

hired to capture timeless moments for people surrounding my community, but getting to work

with people in love like Adam and Ali truly is a gift.

Ceremony : St Bonafice church

Reception : Madison event center

Hair : allison mae

Make up : makeup by lindsay

DJ : LLC Thompson Audio Visions

Videographer : New horizons films