Lauren & Morgan edwards

All our families have family-friends and we all have the people that our families are friends with that we don’t care for, but not often does it somehow end up spinning into a love story. Oddly enough Morgan used to dislike Lauren quite a bit, so it’s funny to me that I was able to take such stunning pictures of them AT THEIR WEDDING! 

Somehow, they spun a bad first date into a laughable memory and with more laughter along the way they decided on tying the knot and spending forever together. I couldn’t help but laugh even more when I was told that Lauren was wearing sweatpants when Morgan proposed in a perfect moment that captured how casual their love is in every moment that passes them by. 

The teasing and laughter didn’t stop with these two. Even on the big day you could see that despite the constant bickering, there was real, genuine joy. The love between them is something you can’t fake, and it makes smiles contagious. 

Watching Morgan and Lauren was like looking through a time machine at me and my husband when we were newlyweds and made me smile from ear to ear. Stephen and I recently celebrated our three-year anniversary, and I can honestly say that with the right partner life is easier. I don’t think life will be easy for you Mr. & Mrs. Edwards, but I can tell you that you have the right partner by your side, so it will be easier.  

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