If you don’t know, I’m an avid reader. Most of my spare time not editing I have my nose in a book or even an audio book playing in the background while I'm editing. This stunning June wedding couldn’t have happened if it weren’t for what the romance novels call insta-love.

Brandon and Courtney met unexpectedly through a mutual friend at Courtney’s family’s softball

park where she works. She says she knew the day they met that he was the one. Their first date

had chemistry and spark, the right amount of excitement and laughter. They couldn’t get enough

of each other: a perfect elixir to make soul mates.

Photographing them was so easy, not only is Courtney beautiful but they keep each other

laughing constantly and you can feel love floating in the air when you enter the space

surrounding them. Also, who doesn't love a couple up for literally ANYTHING, including getting out in the rain!

Love like this is from fairytales, and a fairy tale wedding it was. All of her jewelry was themed to Beauty and the beast, as Belle is her favorite princess. Of course Brandon knows this

and even her ring set is Belle themed.

The ceremony was perfect, and the reception was FUN! The energy was on fire and you could

see fancy hats, heart sun glasses and people breaking it down on the dance floor. The venue

was a perfect wedding space and I was so happy to be able to be part of their day. Seeing love

so true is a gift and I am always so happy to be able to capture it.


venue : Lake Lyndsay lodge

Hair : Laurel Fisher

Makeup : Lindsay Devlin

DJ : DJ Tony Pompilio

Videographer : dt videography

Florals : Tommy HOran