Contract? : Yes

Can we have a consultation? : Yes

Do you work exclusively or are you a company? : Company, Owner/Operator, employs (1) DJ

How long have you been a wedding DJ? : April 2012 start of business

Do you do more than 1 event per night? : No

Do you make all of the announcements, if yes, what is your 'style'? : Client's choice. Can be a forefront entertainer, or background.

What is something happens and you cannot make it to the wedding? : This has yet to ever occur, but I would do everything in my power to find a replacement DJ for the event and/or provide refunds.

What kind of equipment do you use? : Top of the line Behringer speaker systems

Do you have additional lighting? : Mounted Dance Floor lighting (various brands), uplighting, etc.

Pricing begins at : Variant based on event type, hours, location etc

What makes you different from the other DJ's? : As a primarily solo operation with a bachelor's degree in Music Theory, as well as an extensive background playing host to local gigs, such as Karaoke Nights, I have a lot of knowledge in shifting the music to fit or even shift the general vibe of an event. Keeping clients guests engaged and happy is always the main goal.

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