Contract? : Yes

Can we have a consultation? : I definitely like to meet my clients hopefully before I even book them so I can learn about them.

Do you work exclusively or are you a company? : It is my and 1 other DJ

How long have you been a wedding DJ? :  I have been a wedding DJ over 10 years

Do you do more than 1 event per night? : I only do one event per night

Do you make all of the announcements, if yes, what is your 'style'? : I do all of the MC responsibilities. I am a certified MC thru training.

What if something happens and you cannot make it to the wedding? : If something happened that I could not make it I would send my other DJ or I have a network of great DJ I can reach out to.

What kind of equipment do you use? : My equipment is top notch quality. Most of the time I don't drop names because most clients are not familiar with names except for my Bose speakers. LOL (**note from the photographer, his speakers have INCREDIBLE sound)

Do you have additional lighting? : I do have lighting packages available and up-lighting.

Service Area : Indianapolis area. I will provide services to other regions.

If a Travel fee is needed approximately how much for each of those regions : I charge 50 cents per mile.

Pricing begins at : Lastly my pricing starts at $850.00 for (4) hours

What makes you different from the other DJ's? : I am different because of my personalization package that no one in Indy offers. I do Love Stories, Bio wedding party intro's and voice recordings.

Website :