Contract? : Yes we have a contract.

Can we have a consultation? : We like to book our final music consultation 2 weeks prior to the wedding.

Do you work exclusively or are you a company? : We work exclusively

How long have you been a wedding DJ? : We have over 20 yrs in the business

Do you do more than 1 event per night? : We usually only book one job per night- we own enough equipment and are capable of covering more than one of the need arises.

Do you make all of the announcements, if yes, what is your 'style'? : We make all of the announcements professionally- we will not be on the mic other than keeping guests informed of what is happening, etc. we do not try to “hype up” the crowd and rely on the music to keep the dance floor hopping.

What is something happens and you cannot make it to the wedding? : We have never had an occasion that we were not able to fill our commitment, but in the event of some emergency, we have many companies we can turn to get the job covered.

What kind of equipment do you use? : We only use top of the line equipment that we replace on a regular basis to stay current. (Sennheiser mics, JBL speakers, Numark controller, MacBook Pros, etc)

Do you have additional lighting? : We offer basic dance lights, premium lighting, monograms, and up lights are also available. (**note from the Photographer : their dance lights are pretty awesome!)

Pricing begins at : Pricing for basic 4 hr wedding starts at $750 and we will travel up to 2 hours from Cincinnati at no additional charge.

What makes you different from the other DJ's? : We are a 2 person team- you get your DJ and a coordinator to make sure your event goes perfectly!!

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