James and Lindsay are a match that didn’t happen by accident. It’s funny how when we look

back on small moments we realize that sometimes everything that happens, really gets us to

where we are meant to be.

Lindsay and James met on eHarmony, an accidental swipe favorited James and lead to a

meaningful connection, a beautiful foundation and a lasting love. While Lindsey was a little

apprehensive to meet at first, James’ persistence paid off and they haven't spent time apart


Coffee Cup Overflowing on Winford in Hamilton set a perfect backdrop for their first date with

their peaceful atmosphere. Despite Lindsey being late, James could tell she was worth the wait

and they stayed until closing to enjoy their sips and savoring their time together.

Their engagement was a given with both parties knowing they were with the person they wanted

to be with forever. James always told Lindsey he would propose on a random Tuesday. Lindsey did not anticipate a Monday proposal! He had to stay on one knee a little longer to wash off the dust from her softball game.

Their bubble send off from the church was flawless, and got a fun vibe started right out of the

gate! The reception was perfect with beautiful dances dedicated to their loving parents, and

unlike anything I’ve ever seen, it was inclusive to everyone and anyone with their parents

present to dance and it got so many people out on the dace floor to really ready soak in the love

and have a great time!

Hotel Covington was lucky to have such a beautiful couple and I felt honored to be part of the

day sealing their fate as husband and wife. It was incredible to see what a little accident on the

internet could turn into!


Ceremony : Christ lutheran church

Reception : The Madison Event Center

HAIR : paige williams

MAKEUP : rosa pinedo

DJ : Douglas Adam Entertainment

FLORALS : Piepmeier the florist