We’ve all heard the term “mother knows best” and we’ve all rolled our eyes at our moms for

embarrassing us. Yet for Natalie a moment that initially felt like an intrusive mom turned out to

be exactly what we’ve all heard, and Mother really did know what was best. Natalie’s parents

went to pick up some things for yard work and ran into Thomas. Her mom knew immediately

that he was a catch and started making things happen by showing off pictures of Natalie and

finding out if he was single! Natalie found him online and sent a message apologizing for her

moms behavior but things ended up working out really well for both of them.

Some people go on a few dates and decide if they are interested in investing more of their time

with the other person. Natalie is a person who always took dating seriously and felt like she was

only dating to marry, so when she was set up to double date with Thomas at Land of Illusion,

she wanted to make sure it was worth her time and asked him to come on a pre-first date to

make sure she knew who she was going to be spending her time with. El Burrito Loco in Oxford

was the dinner of choice and they hit it off even though Thomas thought for sure Natalie was

going to cancel on him for the next date.

Their love developed over time, slowly then all at once like the leaves coming down in the fall.

Natalie and Thomas are a couple who know that marriage comes with good times and bad

times, but they realize even the bad times are so much better with the right person by your side.

Thomas proposed to her on a covid-delayed vacation in Tennessee. It was a low key, no

pressure proposal. Natalie was surprised and overwhelmed with love, but also relieved that she

didn’t have to worry about how or when he was asking.. After accidentally finding the receipt for

the ring. She says that Thomas loves in a way that that is strong and unconditional, he gives

110% in everything he does and being a good partner is obviously one of those things he puts

his all into.

Their wedding was beautiful, with a heartbreaking tribute to Natalie’s late uncle that passed

away from prostate cancer. Before his untimely demise he wrote music to accompany the lords

prayer and his wife would sing along since Natalie’s childhood. It meant a lot to all of the family

and was an incredible thing to witness the emotion brought on by their choice to honor her uncle

on such an important day. The Music didn’t stop there and I realized they are a very musical

family, Natalie’s sister sang a beautiful song accompanied by their father.

Music wasn’t the only special details of the day, and Natalie wore her late grandmother Vi’s

earrings, and a bracelet from her grandma Sue who was in attendance.

The love and support from everyone around them was as bright as the smiles on their faces

through out the day and I felt so lucky to be able to capture a few special moments on the day

they dedicated themselves to each other.

venue : 1913 Heartland barn

hair : nicole dudley

makeup : chloe masters

videographer : Tiffany caudill creative

florals : tara niehoff

cake : kelly wagers

dj : jason hollowell