Contract? : Yes

How many weddings do you take on per year? : I don’t have a set amount I do I just know I don’t overload myself and if I feel like I will be I suggested other Great planners to help couples.

What kind of options do I have (i.e. full service, day of coordinator, etc.)? : Day of and full service planning

Do you have your own Preferred Vendor list? : I always have a list of vendors I can suggest to couples that fit their idea, style, budget, and personality

Do you work alone or with a team? : It’s mainly me with sometimes a few extra hands depending on event

Do you attend the event? : Yes, I am there day of the event

Do you assist with budget? : I am happy to help with budget assistance

Do you help with design and set up? : Yes, I am happy to with ideas/designs for their event

Do you help with the day of timeline? : Yes the timeline is my favorite part- figuring out the logistics of how everything is going to flow and come together is very important.

What happens in the case of an emergency? : I plan for the worse case and have extra back up kits and ideas for an emergency and if I do my job right hopefully the couple don’t even see or know about the hiccup.

What is your Service Area? : I service all over. I can travel I just put a travel fee on depending on where and how long.

What Makes ‘It’s KEE Events’ different? : It’s KEE Events offers people a relaxed and comfortable environment where we can brainstorm and problem solve to achieve your dream event. With having the opportunity to work in a variety of fields related to event coordination, including sports, weddings, special events, and fundraisers, my experience allows me to draw on similarities and differences between and among events. Our experience also offers perspectives and ideas that might not commonly be associated with your type of event. We try to think just a little outside the box to make your dreams come true.

How do we contact you? :